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Our Vision:
Scottsdale is a high-quality, inclusive and forward-thinking community that celebrates its historic western heritage with a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of residents, business owners and visitors.

Our Mission:
To inspire a positive, empowered community of residents interested in the economic prosperity and growth of Scottsdale by actively engaging in city government, responsible development and community issues.

what we are all about


To promote what’s good about the city and build on its strengths


To encourage more residents to help shape the city’s destiny


To educate and advocate for causes that promote the city


To discover new ideas and leaders to guide the city into a thriving future

Why We Care About Scottsdale

I am a native of Scottsdale and have seen this city grow and evolve over my lifetime. Scottsdale is in the middle of trying to define its identity for the future. To many it is the West’s Most Western Town, to some it is a hub for art/shopping/entertainment, while others know Scottsdale for Spring Training, golf, and luxury resorts. Scottsdale is this and so much more. I hope to help guide my city into the future and make it so every generation can grow to love the place that I am proud to call home.
Prescott Smith
Civic Leader
Scottsdale is a great city, positioned for great opportunity in the near future to capitalize on its incredible history and refine its reputation as one of the best places to live. I care because I want Scottsdale to be the kind of city that attracts diverse talent, trades and skills - further enriching a vibrant culture. My hope is that Scottsdale becomes a place where young professionals and snowbirds alike can see themselves living, working and engaging in the community - knowing their voices, their experience and their input will be considered seriously.
Melia Dunn
Inclusion Consultant
I care about Scottsdale because it is an important and unique part of Arizona and a beautiful part of the Greater Phoenix area. Scottsdale is known for its beauty, sunsets, restaurants, golf, events, and weather. It draws people in worldwide for vacationing but it’s also an esteemed and desirable place to live. It is a town of art, community, culture, and success. It has always been a place that I have loved and I care because I want to see it continue to shine.
Stephanie Bray
Scottsdale is my home. Scottsdale is where I have grown up, met my husband, work and started a family. In my work, I get to brag about how great our city is and every day I get to experience its greatness. Scottsdale is a big city with a small-town feel and by being part of this group, I hope to advance that charm while helping others recognize it and become more involved.
Alleson Dunaway
Tourism Expert

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we want to
hear from you!

we want to hear from you